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Just like what Samantha Jones said in Sex and the City 2, “I need to speak to an ambassador, or an embassy, or someone in menopause?” People find it difficult to talk about their menopause journey, unless it is with somebody who has experienced it as well. Society has taught us that menopause as a conversational topic is awkward, when really, it is just the way of life.

vive encourages raw, unfiltered conversations among menopausal individuals or even for those who are just curious to learn. All are welcome. At vive, we aim to exchange menopause wisdom and knowledge, while being as open as possible in a safe, shame-free community.

vive, which means “long live”, celebrates the wisdom and life experiences people gain during their peri-/menopause journey. The longevity peach motif seen throughout the visuals is derived from the Chinese culture, also symbolizing long life. Menopause can be tough, but then it is magnificent - a milestone.

UI/UX Designer ······ Kristen Chik
Illustrator & Designer ······ Tiffany Leung

Medium ········· App Prototype
Published ······ March 2021


Sign up at vive to join the unfiltered menopause conversations. With an open chat room feature, users can post questions and advice revolving around all aspects of menopause. With vive of the week, weekly prompts are posted on the app to urge users to share their personal menopause experiences, all while keeping them fun and light-hearted. By linking Refinery29’s Life Begins At to vive, users are able to scroll through articles about strong women sharing their battles. At vive, we’re a community and we’re all in it together.