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Habitat is an award-winning project my team designed and developed during  EPAM’s Hack for Good 2021. 

What inspired Habitat was how even though many have the desire to live more sustainably, it can be quite overwhelming to kickstart an eco-conscious routine due to information overload.  We saw an opportunity to introduce sustainable living not as a huge commitment but rather as small incremental steps in changing our daily habits. Habitat is a web-based platform that evaluates your personal lifestyle and equips you with curated resources on your eco-friendly journey. Since the idea was developed within such a limited time frame, our project was recently selected to be further developed as an internal tool within EPAM as a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative.

Although working across 4 different cities, our team of 2 Designers and 2 Software Engineers successfully delivered a functioning site coded from scratch within a 40-hour time limit. Among 25 teams across the APAC region, Habitat was selected as the winner of the Hackathon.

UI/UX Designer ······ Kristen Chik - Hong Kong
Design Strategist ······ Janna Tan - Singapore
Front-End Engineer ······ Nhan Tran - Vietnam
Back-End Engineer ······ Simon Yao - Shenzhen, China
Duration ······ 40 hours
Medium ········· Website︎︎︎ 
Published ······ August 2021


  1. Quiz Evaluation

  2. Individualized Eco-Friendly Archetype

  3. Toolkit Guide

01. Quiz Evaluation

Begin your sustainable journey by taking Habitat’s quiz which evaluates your current lifestyle. The quiz consists of 10 questions that will help identify your eco-lifestyle. Each question was designed based on familiar everyday scenarios that reflects the eco-conscious decisions the user makes.  

02. Individualized

Currently Habitat offers three unique archetypes: the Conscious Consumer, the Savvy Swapper, and the Curious Explorer. Quiz takers will be matched to one of the archetypes based on the quiz results. Each archetype explores different interests and has its own take on sustainable living.

03. Toolkit Guide

Habitat curates simple habits you could integrate into your current daily routine. Be inspired to incorporate and discover new habits through a series of podcasts, recommended zero waste stores, and even DIY Instructable Kits. The core belief of Habitat is that everyone can lead an environmentally responsible lifestyle through simple yet actionable steps.