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Call ‘Em Out

With the convenience of the internet and the emergence of social media, shopping has become more accessible than ever. What makes us buy today? Advertising serves not only to advertise products but also to promote consumption as a way of life. Social media, particularly with the force of influencers, may result in consumers wanting items they did not know they needed. Within the act of scrolling through our Instagram feeds, brands are subtly merging their promotional material within the minds of consumers. The goal of this archive aims to identify sponsored content that we easily overlook. To engage with the archive, you would have to download the app Artivive on your device. I believe as we become more aware of such content, we begin to recognize that the ideals portrayed on social media are staged with the intention of selling a product, and perhaps, an unrealistic fantasy.

Medium ········· Print, AR, Motion Design
Published ······ May 2020